Jan 19

EGT 005 – Kale… give it a chance!

Most people either love, hate, or have never considered kale. It’s one of the healthiest vegetables out there but it can also be one of the most off-putting. In this episode we talk a little bit about kale’s health benefits, how easy it is to grow it in your garden, and some of our favorite ways to eat it.

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Intro Music: “Bullseye”, from the album Imperfect by Dan Kirk
Outro Music: “Cabin Fever”, from the album Imperfect by Dan Kirk
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Show Notes

Participants: Sarah, Tim
Publication Date: 2013-01-19
Length: 32:25
File Size: 21 MB
Format: mp3

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The show I was trying to think of, that I adapted the garlicky greens recipe is Extra Virgin.

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