Feb 16

EGT 007 – Seedlings versus Seeds

Tim and I continue our gardening discussion by looking at the work (or lack thereof) and benefits of planting from seeds and seedlings.

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Intro Music: “Bullseye”, from the album Imperfect by Dan Kirk
Outro Music: “Cabin Fever”, from the album Imperfect by Dan Kirk
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Show Notes

Participants: Sarah, Tim
Publication Date: 2013-02-16
Length: 37:46
File Size: 35 MB
Format: mp3

Links and Resources
Yamagami’s Nursery
Seeds of Change
The Seed Savers Exchange

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  1. timo

    Here are a couple links I mentioned I would post:

    Germination Temperature Chart:

    Another seed “catalog”:

    1. Tatiana

      I use saved seeds’ every year sometimes, a few years old! If you have a good uoanmt of a variety, and want to be sure you end up with a specific number of plants, you can easily test for viability of the seeds. On a piece of damp paper towel on a tray place 10 seeds; cover with plastic wrap or a dish; put in a warm place for a day or so. The uoanmt of seeds that sprout will give you the germination rate (for example, if 7 out of ten sprout, you have a 70% average rate of germ.) If the percentage is low, you can just plant 2-3 seeds per cell.You can go to my website plantasiact.com for a seed planting schedule-just go to the Plant Info page.

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