Mar 02

EGT 008 – Playing in the Dirt

Now that you’ve figured out what you’ll grow and how you’ll grow it, it’s time to get dirty! In this episode, Tim and I talk about the advantages and disadvantages of planting in-ground, in raised beds, and in containers. Not sure what I did to the sound on this one but, unfortunately, I managed to slam the file so I couldn’t undo it… I kind of sound like I’m talking underwater >_< Listen Now:


Download: EGT: Episode 008

Intro Music: “Bullseye”, from the album Imperfect by Dan Kirk
Outro Music: “Cabin Fever”, from the album Imperfect by Dan Kirk
If you like the intro/outro music, consider buying the album here.

Show Notes

Participants: Sarah, Tim
Publication Date: 2013-03-02
Length: 36:56
File Size: 34 MB
Format: mp3

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