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Dec 23

EGT 003 – Belated Thanksgiving Roundup

In this episode Tim and I talk a little about what we did for Thanksgiving. We had our successes but, more importantly, we also had some real failures. But it didn’t stop us and we didn’t let it ruin the evening. You’re going to fail when you cook, it’s inevitable, but it’s also not the …

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Dec 09

EGT 002 – Healthy Eating with Paul

In this episode Paul and I talk a little about what it means to eat healthy in general and, especially, as the holiday snacking season kicks into high gear. Skype was a little temperamental for this one so the levels are a little wonky, Paul’s side of the conversation cuts out periodically, and I’m still …

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Dec 06

Happy Hanukkah – Let’s Make Latkes!

   Hanukkah is right around the corner, but any time is a good time to make these tasty potato pancakes.   Latkes are my favorite way to have potatoes. I was 10 the first time I made them; my mom had an electric skillet and it was one of the recipes listed in the user …

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Nov 25

EGT 001 – Meet the Hosts!

This episode is light on food-specific topics, but we thought it would be a good idea to introduce ourselves and talk a little about our interests and approaches to food. Unfortunately, Paul ran into technical difficulties and wasn’t able to join us but we’ll get him on here eventually. There are a few parts where …

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Nov 17

And so it begins!

We just recorded our first podcast. We were down one host but muddled through anyway. Shooting for a biweekly release schedule with the first episode posting Thanksgiving weekend.

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