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  1. Whole Organic Milk finally has its day. — 2014/01/06
  2. The perfect meal — 2013/09/22
  3. A vegetation mother’s day — 2013/05/12
  4. Seedling From Seeds — 2013/02/22
  5. Kale Pizza — 2013/02/04

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Jan 06

Whole Organic Milk finally has its day.

Fresh Research Finds Organic Milk Packs In Omega-3s The research is catching up. When animals behave as they are supposed to, in this case, cows eating grass as they walk around, is better for all of us, and tastes better too.

Sep 22

The perfect meal


Sometimes a meal comes together just right. Sarah and I have talked about food a lot more than we have shared it over the last year, so last night was a nice get together. I brought my homemade Viozinho, the first wine I’ve made, plus a Riesling I brought back from Germany, and Sarah made …

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May 12

A vegetation mother’s day


If you’ve been listening or have read my blog, you’ll know that I’m a vegetarian. What you might guess but not know is that my wife “doesn’t eat meat”, either. So when we BBQ for mother’s day our grill fills up with a nonstandard fare. This Sunday it was nopales, artichokes, asparagus an mushroom skewers, …

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Feb 22

Seedling From Seeds

Timo's Seed Starting Setup

To go with Episode 7, here is how my little seed starting setup looks like. Pretty, isn’t it? The purple is coming from the fact that I am using aquarium lights with UV output for the fluorescent tubes, and an LED for the white light. The reflective barier is a cheap car window reflector I …

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Feb 04

Kale Pizza

Kale Pizza

My wife made a kale and veggie pizza for the Super Bowl last night. It was awesome except I overcooked it by a few minutes… how could I keep track of it when the Niners were in the middle of a comeback?

Jan 28



Here is a quick link about pruning. Fruit trees are dormant right now, so it is pruning season for most trees. Here is a great, simple resource on the subject from UC Davis: http://homeorchard.ucdavis.edu/The_Big_Picture/Pruning_&_Training/ I am only a few years into learning how to take care of fruit trees of all sizes, and I find …

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Jan 20

Big Game Vegetarian Chili Beans

Veggie Chili Beans - Copyright Timo McIntosh

One of the hard parts of making a real vegetarian chili is getting a good heartiness to it that meat would add. Most recipes call for tomato paste, or diced tomatos and/or celery, but that doesn’t make for a real chili. That would make it a soup or stew. Real chili only uses chilis, spices, …

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Jan 16


Timo Winter Gardening

Here’s a pic of me in the garden after getting back from holiday travels. The tall stuff is amaranth. I had harvested the seeds at the beginning of December, but left the rest of it up for the birds to pick through. They spread “nitrogen” as they visit, and pick off bugs. Plus, they are …

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Jan 07

Links from a fan

When we record episodes of EGT, my wife often isn’t far off. She likes geting the inside scoop with an early listening. She says she doesn’t hear anything, but I know she’s getting the topics at least. During the last couple of recording sessions, I found links and articles in my inbox from her before …

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Nov 26

Some Background in the Backyard

In Episode one, I mentioned my garden being an informative and tasty retreat for me and my family. It will likely come up often in our conversations, so I figured I would post a description of it from a while ago, complete with drawing: http://www.artedetimo.com/2011/11/26/the-urban-orchard/