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Apr 18

EGT 011 – Milk, Butter, and Cheese

In this episode, Tim and I talk about diary in and some of its marvelously tasty forms: milk, butter, cheese… and I come to the defense of whole milk. Viva la 3%! Another late one, I know. Sorry guys. But it’s a little longer than usual, so hopefully the extra content makes up for it? …

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Jan 19

EGT 005 – Kale… give it a chance!

Most people either love, hate, or have never considered kale. It’s one of the healthiest vegetables out there but it can also be one of the most off-putting. In this episode we talk a little bit about kale’s health benefits, how easy it is to grow it in your garden, and some of our favorite …

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Jan 05

EGT 004 – Developing a Wine Palate

This episode was supposed to be about food pairings but it very quickly went off topic and focused more on how begin developing a wine palate so you can make informed choices when you want to pair wine with food. It’s a little longer than usual, but hopefully the information is useful enough that you …

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Dec 23

EGT 003 – Belated Thanksgiving Roundup

In this episode Tim and I talk a little about what we did for Thanksgiving. We had our successes but, more importantly, we also had some real failures. But it didn’t stop us and we didn’t let it ruin the evening. You’re going to fail when you cook, it’s inevitable, but it’s also not the …

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Dec 09

EGT 002 – Healthy Eating with Paul

In this episode Paul and I talk a little about what it means to eat healthy in general and, especially, as the holiday snacking season kicks into high gear. Skype was a little temperamental for this one so the levels are a little wonky, Paul’s side of the conversation cuts out periodically, and I’m still …

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